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Orchid Fashion Boutique - How I Started

I have recently gone out and set up a new business venture where i have decided to go into the world of eCommerce and set up my very own website selling ladies clothes, specifically ladies lingerie.

I truly believe that i can offer exceptional ladies lingerie at affordable prices that women would find very appealing. I originally started selling ladies clothes on eBay which i still do and i have found this to be very profitable and the great thing about eBay is that there is so much traffic on there which is almost instant. I started of making some basic listings that were clean and easy to read for my potential customers. There is no better feeling then the sales began to start coming in and the customer feedback was great. I really wanted my customers to have a great experience both in the quality of the products i was selling but also the after sales customer service experience where i really wanted the customer to feel that if they had a question they wanted an answer to all they had to do was to send me a message and i would get back to them straight away. I also passionately believed that if a customer wanted to return the goods for any reason i would instantly provide a full refund. I believed that although the customer was not happy with their purchase i knew that if i could provide excellent customer service that customer would return at a later date to maybe buy something else from my shop.

Well the sales began to grow steadily so i started to look at what my competition was doing in the marketplace i was operating in, what i found was even though my listings were quite ordinary they were alot better than many of my competitors. So i thought to my self how can i make my listings even better, i decided to go to my main competitors on eBay and take what i thought was the best they had on their listings and revamp that and incorporate that into my listings.

I also decided to pay someone to professional design a eBay listings template so when a customer landed on my eBay listing they would see something that was very appealing to the eye. Before i knew it the new listing template had an amazing positive impact on my sales performance. I made sure to have a proper “About Me” page in my eBay listing so that customers could get a picture of who they were dealing with.

Because you have to pay eBay fees which can add up to quite a bit and then decided to get my own website built which was really a replica of the eBay shop so that customers would know that they were dealing with the same person. I named both the eBay shop and the website Orchid Fashion Boutique.

I truly believe that both of these are going to be a success.

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